Contemplating a first attempt at weaving linen.

April 4, 2012

Since I have to wait for the wool for the Rus kaftan cloth project to be shipped from across the country, I’m considering putting a smaller project on the loom in the meantime.

Few years ago, when I first got into weaving, I bought a linen towel kit from an online vendor. My thinking then, was that a kit, with complete instructions, would be a gentle way to be introduced to weaving with linen. I think I might be ready to try it. I’ve been hesitant because linen, as a fiber, is much less forgiving then wool. My only experience up to this point has been tablet weaving linen and I didn’t enjoy it much.

While searching online today, I came across this web page of useful tips on weaving and handling linen. It explains a lot about the issues I had tablet weaving with this fiber. I tend to keep tablet weaving under very high, and inconsistent, tension. Hopefully, I will have an easier time of it on the floor loom.

The end goal is to develop the ability to weave linen cloth to make clothing and household goods for a magyar jurta.  As pastoral nomads, Magyar women likely wove cloth using a primitive horizontal, body tensioned or simple frame loom.   Cloth from the silk producing centers was recieved in payment or tribute, but it was considered a luxury good and probably divided among the nobility.  Sturdy handwoven cloth in wool or linen would be needed for everyday items.


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