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First day in Delhi, part 1.

March 9, 2014

After a few hours of sleep, I wake up about 6:30am India time.   Down to breakfast around 8am in the hotel restaurant where they are serving a buffet consisting of India, American, Japanese and Chinese food.  We decide that we want to go sightseeing, so a car and a route are arranged.  We meet our driver, Sunjive, who is very nice and, thankfully, a quite competent and not terribly aggressive driver. We get our…

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22 hours in a really long time to India

March 8, 2014
22 hours in a really long time to India

Twenty two hours in the air to India is a really long time even if the trip is broken into more than one leg and even if its in business class. Also, there is nothing really exciting to talk about from those twenty two hours for another post, but I feel like some sort of recap is necessary just for the continuation of the story. Basically, my time was more or less equally divided between…

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India Bound

March 7, 2014

It is my first fight across the ocean, the sun trailing behind us, yet somehow, when we land it will be a different day. A 10 hour flight, a brief stop in the land of the rising sun, then on to India. I will experience culture shock, I’m sure of it, a duck out of water. . I intend to embrace the experience with open arms, so I tell myself. I’ve always wanted to travel,…

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