Historical Costumers Do List

February 11, 2015
Learning how to set up a warp on a warp weighted loom.

I had a rant all prepared in my head this morning to post up on social media.  You know, like you do.  I stopped myself and thought, “how do I turn this around into a list of things to DO, rather than list of things to DON’T?” So, I posted the first draft of this list to my friends asking for their help in making it better and, boy, did they ever deliver!  The following…

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Does absence make the heart grow fonder?

March 9, 2013

Miss me yet?  I’ve been absent from this website recently because I’ve gotten totally involved in researching and making a German renaissance dress and accessories.  I figure most of you are reading because you are interesting in early period research or in weaving, so I thought I would forego boring you all to tears with my newest obsession. Next week, I’m attending a SCA event called Gulf Wars.  After that, I’ll schedule in some time for early…

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Magyar Clothing

December 25, 2011

This web site is primarily concerned with the clothing and culture of the ancient Hungarians prior to the year 1000. When I began this research several years ago, I don’t think I really understood at the time how difficult and frustrating it would prove to be. Several factors hamper the amateur scholar. Soil conditions in the Carpathian Basin and in the ancestral lands of Levedia and Etelköz, are not conducive to preserving textiles in the…

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