Broken Diamond Twill Leg Wraps completed

April 22, 2013

This weekend  I wet-finished and hemmed the blue/yellow leg wraps I had recently taken off the loom.  Very pleased with how they look.  They were very weft dominant before wet-finishing, however the weave evened out after washing and pressing.

Recommended twill set for this yarn was 15-18 ends per inch.  I warped them at 20 ends per inch knowing that my loom with its heavy hanging beater is rough on narrow widths and I wanted to compensate for that.  20 epi seems to be a good sett for this yarn/project.  I will use it again on the next pair as I have picked up yarn in about a dozen colors with the thought that I will weave more leg wraps in the future.

I lost 25% of the width due to draw in and wet-finishing which is surprising to me to lose that much.   The final width is three inches.  Length for each leg wrap is just over 3 yards.  Hopefully, the recipient will be pleased.

Weaving was pleasant once I shifted to my Bluster Bay end feed shuttle from a boat shuttle.  That meant I could tension the yarn as it came off the shuttle, making it easier to control the selvage.  I had intended to weave without using a floating warp threads, but I was dissatisfied with the way the selvage was looking and ended up adding them about 18 inches into the weaving.  The warp length also was enough to do a few color/weave samples after the main body of the leg wraps were done.

The leg wraps after wet-finishing

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