Weaving draft for magyar kaftan

September 16, 2011

The last few days have been more about life and less about projects.  I am chafing at the disruptions.

I finally downloaded some free weaving software so I can draft without graph paper.  The program I’m using is called WeaveDesign.  It’s an easy program to use and has made fiddling with the draft for the fabric of the magyar kaftan much easier.

I’ve settled on an 8 shaft draft in order to get the look I want.  That means that I have to put the other four harnesses back on my loom and  there are a million details to doing this.  I believe I have enough heddles (1408) but I’ll have to move some around to other shafts.

I may end up doing more then one sample in order to work out sett, the weft color and yarn weight and a few other things.  I’m really hoping to start the first sample next week.

First things first – the yarn that I will indigo dye and use for the weft has to be completely prepared tonight because it has to go in a bucket with dawn soap to soak overnight (per tip from Kolfinna), then rinsed and soak in clean water in preparation for dyeing all the fiber on Sunday.  I’ll be away from home all day Saturday.   Definitely feeling the pressure to stay on track.

The schedule for next 10 days is roughly this:

Today – finishing skeining the weft yarn (1 1/2 pounds done.  2 1/2 pounds to go)  First soak.
Saturday – SCA event.  plus yarn rinse and soak.
Sunday – Indigo dyeing.
Monday – Adding additional 4 shafts to the loom.  Working out the first sample logistics, Shopping with Megan.
Tuesday – measuring warp threads, Project night
Wednesday – Sleying, threading, beaming the sample warp
Thursday –  Tweaking the shed, tieups, winding bobbins
Friday –  weaving? maybe
Saturday – SCA event
Sunday – Oregon Flock and Fiber,  weaving

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