Rus Kaftan Cloth Yarn Calculations

April 11, 2012

Wool worsted yarn in two colors for the Rus Kaftan cloth.

Part 1 of this series can be found here.

The yarn I ordered arrived today for the Rus Kaftan cloth project.  I am very pleased with the colors.  The reddish color is exactly the dark maddery red-orange I was hoping it was from the little bit on the sample card.

I was inspired to calculate the warp length I will need.  My process is a little different in that I work backwards from the amount of yarn I have to the length of warp I can get from that.

Since I ordered three pounds of each color, and each pound is roughly 5600 yards, I have 16800  yards of yarn to play with.

Once again, the Warp and Weft Calculator from Haley Studio proved invaluable to these calculations.

My loom has a reed width of 45 or 46 inches.  The maximum I care to go in the reed is about 44.5 inches.  This will net me a woven width (after shinkage) of about 36 inches.

Weft calculation image courtesy of Haley's Studio

The part I really need to know about now is the warp measurement.

Rus kaftan warp calculation image courtesy of Haley Studio.

So, I will measure out 1422 warp ends at approximately 11 1/2 yards long.  This will net me approximately 9 yards of 36 inch wide cloth.  Plenty of cloth for the kaftan and some yardage left over for future projects.

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