Patterned gauze weave – progress post

January 6, 2013

The patterned gauze weave sample on the loom.

I have been able to do a little weaving on the patterned gauze weave sample currently on my rigid heddle loom.  It is horridly out of scale to the original piece, of course, but that was a conscious choice I made in order to learn the technique.  Overall, I’m pleased with the ease with which this is weaving up.  It is quite fast, in part due to the scale, but also because its a fairly mathematical and rhythmic pattern.   I have no need to count every thread.  Each pattern row keys off the one below.

I’ve been asked about the technique I’m using to create the patterned gauze weave.  I could not hope to do a better job of explaining leno or of demonstrating how to do it then in this video from PattyAnne.

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