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January 7, 2013

Several years ago, a friend taught me to naalbind using what is commonly known as the mammen stitch.  Naalbinding is an ancient needle looping technique that predates knitting for string manipulation.  It was used in the Viking age, but also dates to ancient Egypt, I believe.

Since being taught, which incidently works best one-on-one,  I’ve made a few projects; mittens, socks, a hat.    I don’t use a pattern or chart when I naalbind. I just sort of fit it to whatever body part it happens to go to.  Its a very relaxing and quite portable, so its one of my go-to travel projects.

I’m not much further along on the indigo socks picture below then I was last April.  I have completed the second heel and am now working on the ankles for both pair.  I was given really good advice once that was this:  If you are working on two of something (mittens, socks), work on them simultaneously.  You will get  a pair that is more evenly matched and in the end, you have a completed pair.

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  1. Bryan Chapman
    January 7, 2013 at 8:23 am

    beautiful work, monkey-woman

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