Indigo soup and more shoes

September 9, 2011

Not a whole lot of progress this evening due to the need to meet with friends and plan excursions for the upcoming Carribean cruise.  I did manage to upload about 20 additional images to shoe gallery but I haven’t had time to cite them yet.  The new images are from Scythian and Altaic grave finds and are there to provide additional context and examples of steppes nomadic footwear.

At right is the pail o’ indigo as it looked when it got its daily stir.  Not much is happening as yet.  It should be ready in about a week.

On tap for tomorrow –

  • Pick up borrowed swift for yarn skeining
  • Finish shaggy pile weave project currently on the big loom.
  • Dig out my sewing room which was destroyed earlier this week.
  • Plan kaftan fabric project (i.e. determine warp length and width, sett, epi, etc.)
  • Write down weaving task list for my “project manager”.
  • Prep for Sunday shoe felting.

My brain is a very busy place right now.  This research and documentation project is occupying the majority of cycles making focus on my other responsibilities a real challenge.  I’m sure this will calm down in a few days and I just need to ride it out.

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